School Season

imageLast night I boiled and devoured my last remaining ear of sweet corn, fresh from the field.  Outdoors, the lightning bugs flickering in the yard have been replaced by the loud songs of cicadas and the chirps of crickets.  And this morning I had to run back inside to grab a sweater.  These are the unmistakable signs that summer is coming to an end.  It’s always a bit sad to start the transition from summer to “school season”, just because it is so nice to have those delicious summer days to fill with plans or be completely lazy.  However, once my brain gets switched back to school mode, the anticipation and excitement starts to build.  School buildings feel so empty in the summertime.  Odd things fill the hallways as custodians move furniture around and clean in different rooms.  Once in a while a teacher can be found carrying in the latest haul from Target or the teacher store, but for the most part the building is very quiet and still.  In these late summer days, however, the schools start to come to life again.  The hallways gleam, and more and more teachers arrive to start brightening up their rooms and move desks into position.  Parents start to trickle in to register their kids, and occasionally the principal can be found showing a nervous new child around the school so they feel more at home when they come on the first day.  There is definitely momentum building, as the urgency of getting ready for the students takes over.  It’s hard to say goodbye to summer, but in return we get the excitement of hallways full of students who are ready to love and be loved at school.  Their personalities are huge, and they make each school season come alive.  Tomorrow is the first day for all teachers to gather for district and building meetings.  Although the early alarm clock is going to be shockingly painful, a short time later in the day we will all be together—talking about our summer joys, laughing together, and looking ahead to a new beginning with our students.  This time of year should almost qualify as a distinct season for those who work in schools—we have our own traditions, celebrations, preparations, and anticipation that is unique to this particular moment in time.  It is an exciting time—and it will culminate in the day when our kids come streaming through the door, ready for everything we have in store for them.  So while I feel like I had to say goodbye to summer today, I am definitely looking forward to the next few days of “school season”, during which we are getting our hearts and our classrooms ready for those kids to come!  (Oh…and while EVERY year I promise myself that I will start going to bed earlier in preparation for that alarm clock, I never ever do.  I will pay for that in the morning.  Ouch.)


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