Spring Scaredy Cat

imageAnd here I thought nothing interesting worth writing about had happened today…

The text from my mom came right before 8pm.  “We’re in the basement.”

Tornado sirens.  It doesn’t matter that they are 3 1/2 hours away from here, I can still hear them in my imagination.

I hate storms.  I’m a confirmed Storm Chicken.  I have a Storm Closet at my house and I know how to throw together a very fast Storm Survival Kit.  (It usually results in a funny story when I end up in my Storm Closet.  I don’t usually behave very gracefully in such situations.)

It’s horrible when it is happening to me.  But it is also horrible when it is happening to my family.  It’s awful to feel helpless and not know what exactly is going on.

Fortunately, the magic of technology is on my side once again.  I can follow their local television weather on Twitter and text them what I see on the radar.  They can text back and tell me every five minutes that they are still all right and haven’t blown away.  I can send my 91-year-old Grandma a smiley face and a thumbs-up and tell her to hang in there, she is safe.

All clear.  Everything is all right where they are, and hopefully the storms will pass on without terrifying too many other people as well.

Spring is lovely, but with the joy also comes the wild weather.  I’ll get my helmet ready for the Storm Closet, because it could be my turn next.




  1. Loralee · March 16, 2016

    Ohhh. Moments when it is so good to have ways to communicate! So glad all are okay!


  2. Kristi Lonheim (@lonheim) · March 16, 2016

    I am sure your body kicks into ‘storm mode’ when you get a message like that. “I can still hear them in my imagination.” I bet you are pulling the sound from memory, I am conjuring up sounds from movies. I am from earthquake country, not storm country. Can only imagine that kind of anxiousness.


  3. Erika Victor · March 16, 2016

    Hmm, I have never been through a tornado (only via Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz! It must be almost as scary vicariously, but I am glad you can communicate. Spring means so many things to me, but “spring scaredy cat” is new to me.


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