The Squeaky Wheel


The other day I wrote about my own little Murphy’s Law that plagues me when I am shopping–other shoppers standing for an eternity directly in front of what I am trying to find.  Today I was reminded of another pet peeve that happens to many of us while traveling through the stores.

It’s the squeaky wheel on the carts.  I try hard to pick a smooth rider when I grab a cart, but so often I get just far enough away from the cart corral that it would be a hassle to go back—and one of the wheel develops a very loud squeak.

I wiggle the cart around, trying to convince the wheel to go back to its silent roll.  I push it back and forth, positive that the squeak is temporary and I can work it out and go back to quietly shopping.  Because when you have the squeaky-wheel cart, people look at you.  They hear you coming and stop to see who is making that obnoxious noise!  And some of them look at you with sympathy and push their softly rolling carts away a little more quickly.

Worse than the squeaky-wheel cart is the cart with a wheel that suddenly stops rolling and skids.  If I don’t have a good grip, I can find myself almost catapulting over the handle in surprise.  Once I recover, I  again try rolling in every direction, trying to work out the skid.  More often than not, I end up dragging the cart the rest of the way through the store wishing for the nice smooth ride I had when I started.

I enjoy a good shopping trip and love drifting up and down aisles, perusing odd items and finding treasures to take home.  It’s just that once in awhile, my cart seems to be working against me!  Maybe someone will create a well-wheel-detector app for my phone and I can scan for the smooth rollers!  That would be a game-changer!

Shopping cart full of goods



  1. Vilma Manahan · March 17, 2016

    One thing I like doing in the store is using the Price Checker. If I am not a teacher, I would probably end up in retail in order for me to do that. But yes. Squeaky wheels are embarrassing. It’s not just you!


  2. Kristi Lonheim (@lonheim) · March 17, 2016

    Yes! The struggle to find the perfect shopping cart is very real. Here all four wheels turn; an added dimension to the equation.


  3. Erika Victor · March 17, 2016

    The cart that I bring to the store (I walk and have a cart to schlep groceries) has recently developed a squeaky wheel- ugh! I need to see if I can find WD40 here (or the local equivalent). Squeaky/wonky carts bug me too! You are finding lots of every day things that we can all connect to, to write about- well done!

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