Summer Learning

imageI’m only a few days into my summer vacation, but school is still not far from my mind.  Part of it is the anticipation of returning to the classroom (and moving back in to a classroom) and learning the ins and outs of a new grade level.  Although I definitely look forward to relaxing and recharging this summer, I’m also going to be busy preparing for the days ahead.

There are awesome learning opportunities that I’m looking forward to this summer.  I’ve signed up for some face-to-face classes that happen right where I live.  (Actually I’ve already completed one–shout-out to franmcveigh for her awesome “Building a Writing Toolkit” class!  My demonstration notebook is BULGING with new ideas, thanks to you!).  I love classes like this because the chance to spend time with colleagues and have conversations specific to our schools and students are so valuable.  When you are in a room with friends and colleagues from your own district, it gives an enormous feeling of team-building.  An added bonus is working in class with teachers from other districts, as we share ideas and compare situations that help us learn from each other.  Not to mention the value of having our own expert in the room, sharing resources and guiding our thinking on the spot!

I’m also taking note of all the Twitter chats scheduled for the summer.  I love reading Twitter chats, and one of these days I might actually say something!  There are so many great ideas shared in a short time that it is hard to keep up as the words fly past!   It’s also amazing to hear from authors and literacy experts as they chime in with their own guidance.  Twitter chats are definitely part of my summer learning plan.

The other opportunity that I plan to take advantage of is the time to read.  I have a great TBR stack of resources to dive into, including DIY Literacy, Craft Moves, and Purposeful Play.  I’ve been haunting the library as well for books that I will recommend and find for my students to read next year.  And…I’m saving time to read the “Hamilton” volume that is on my nightstand as well!

It’s going to take a lot of work to get my new classroom in shape for the coming year.  It’s going to take just as much work to get my mind ready for the new year–and that’s going to be a whole lot more fun than cleaning and hauling in all my school things!




  1. Erika Victor · June 15, 2016

    Love, love, love summer pd! Jealous that you got to do Fran’s building a writing toolkit session- I hope to build a great one this summer!


  2. franmcveigh · June 15, 2016

    Love the freshness of summer pd and the fact that I am able to learn from ALL the amazing teachers that attend. I can’t wait to see you at some twitter chats!


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