New Kids on the Block

image“Boy, I’m glad that isn’t me anymore…”

That was my thought as I picked out a place to sit at a table among the new teachers this morning.  As introductions went around the room, they each expressed their excitement and anxiety about accepting new positions in the district.  I was glad to confess that I had been around for awhile and explain that after working as an instructional coach for two years I was returning to the classroom and volunteering to attend this session to keep up with the new math routines that have been implemented since then.   I remember well how it felt to be the “new kid in town”—sitting in an unfamiliar apartment, knowing no one, only venturing out to find the grocery store once in awhile.  What a challenge these new teachers face, moving to a new community and preparing to become part of a school district full of unfamiliar faces!  Even though that was twenty-two years ago for me, I can still remember the butterflies I felt at every turn.  What a relief to feel so much at home at this point in my career!

Or so I felt…until we plunged into a presentation filled with new methods for collecting and recording data, new structures for instructional time, and an unfamiliar website.  All of a sudden, I felt very “new” again myself!

It’s a never-ending cycle of gaining confidence and then struggling with more changes.  Thank goodness we have each other!  It makes all the difference.

I took one of the newbies out to lunch today.  Now she knows one more person along the way…




  1. Ramona · August 17, 2016

    Love that you reached out to one of your new colleagues. I remember the challenge of facing new technology every year. I was always so glad for friends who reached out and helped.

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  2. Ms Victor Reads · August 17, 2016

    It’s true, that newbie feeling can return for a variety of reasons, We should all look out for our new colleagues like yo did!

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  3. Fran · August 17, 2016

    Great reminder that many things can change and the “newbie terrors” can strike instantly! So nice to reach out to fellow new staff and share your expertise in other areas – even just your familiarity with the community!!!

    HAVE a wonderful, JOYFUL learning year!

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  4. Adrienne · August 17, 2016

    I went back to middle school last year after 11 years in elementary. Although I was in the same school district and a veteran teacher, I sure fleet like a newbie. I feel so much more confident going into this year! I wish you a wonderful year.

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  5. Elisa Waingort · August 21, 2016

    That newbie is fortunate to have you as a friend and mentor. That will make her transition so much easier. Have a wonderful school year!

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