Girl Feet

imageI am working hard to incorporate storytelling into my writers’ workshop for my new second graders.  They have been struggling to tell stories to each other during these first few days.  Some say they have no stories to share because nothing has ever happened to them.  (I do not believe this…).  Some have many stories popping through their brains at the same time which all come tumbling out in a mess of words.  And some are so random that it is a little hard to figure out what their story is really about.

We had a breakthrough today, though!  One of the boys was inspired by my story of going into the boys’ locker room at an unfamiliar pool by mistake when I was little.  He excitedly told those of us in earshot of the time his brother went into the girls’ bathroom by accident.  He told the story from the beginning, telling all the details in order.  He built suspense as his eyes grew wider and he finally said…

“So he was just done washing his hands, and he turned around and saw (dramatic pause) GIRL FEET!

The class giggled and I announced “and THAT is how you tell a story!”

A few minutes later, the pencils were flying.  I have high hopes for these writers this year and can’t wait to hear and read lots more of their stories.



One comment

  1. Norah · August 31, 2016

    Thank goodness for girl feet! Some people have the gift. Others of us have to work at it, but we can all do it with practice. I think you’re going to have some great storytellers this year!


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