Treats, No Tricks

imageI love handing out Halloween treats at my door, and this year was no exception.  The anticipation of who might knock at my door builds as the night goes on.  I always put together special treats for kids and families that I know well, so they can enjoy something unusual.  The highlights from this year were…

A family from the school I formerly worked at as a lit coach who found my house by accident two years ago, and now drive over on purpose just to see me.

My little neighborhood friends who run across the yard, delighted to ring my bell.  I can hear them coming and it makes me smile!

Kids from my classroom who made the trip to my house to trick or treat with their teacher.

Kids from my classroom who didn’t know it was my house, and their eyes popped when their teacher came to the door!

Three teenage girls who come back each year to trick-or-treat for a drink of water.  They don’t ask for any candy…they just seem really thirsty.  We are now making it a tradition and I have cold bottles of water ready and waiting!

My neighbor from across the street knocking at my door to find out why I wasn’t turning my light off…I’m just so hopeful that maybe some stragglers will still come by!

Halloween is such a fun holiday to celebrate as a teacher!




  1. How very fun! I think I’ll keep this idea in my back pocket of having special treats for special friends. I’m glad you had a nice evening. I had a great Halloween too!


  2. Norah · November 2, 2016

    Your evening sounds like a ton of fun!


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