Surprise Selfies


One of my students is very shy.  He is easily discouraged, and does not speak up in class at all.  He can be overlooked in any of our activities because he stays small and silent.

But things are changing…

I am finding selfies on our tablets.  Someone is taking a tablet to a corner of the room behind the bookcases and taking pictures of himself.  Smiley, happy pictures!

Now if I could just get him to smile when we are looking…




  1. teachworkoutlove · November 23, 2016

    lol that’s cute!!


  2. cvarsalona · November 23, 2016

    Nice to meet you and I am glad I ended my night with your delightful post.


  3. Norah · November 23, 2016

    How cute! I wonder how he’d respond if you were to print out one of his selfies and invite him to talk or write about it. Perhaps his photos would make a great start for some language experience writing. I wish you a communicative child.


  4. carwilc · November 23, 2016

    How great that he is finding a way to express himself! Like Norah, I wonder what he would do if you responded to him. Maybe you could even just take a selfie back? Or write him a note?


  5. franmcveigh · November 30, 2016

    OR even institute a partner picture – something to write about. Ways we are the same; ways we are different!


    • kathyschuitema · November 30, 2016

      Good idea! He would enjoy picking a friend to be with him in a picture.


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