Doom to Our Room

imageThe first one appeared last week on my desk.  At first it looked like just a piece of scrap paper, but when I picked it up I saw it had a scary face drawn on it.  A few minutes later I found a plastic marker cap with a face and hair drawn on propped up by my pencil cup.  By the time I spotted the eraser with an unraveled paper clip wrapped around it, I knew…

Stub People.

Just last week I found one of my students chuckling over a Horrible Harry book.  As he read on, he laughed out loud and then looked at me with mischief radiating from his eyes.

“I want to bring DOOM to our room!”

I’ve shared my Horrible Harry books with many, many kids over the years–but this time, this boy is positively lit up with inspiration from Harry’s scandalous antics.  The stories he is reading are sparking his imagination like never before!

I do believe he would eat the librarian’s cupcake as well.

Meanwhile, I am putting together my own army of Stub People.  I have a feeling I am going to need to defend my desk…




  1. carwilc · February 15, 2017

    This is funny!!! How great that he is enjoying these books so much!


  2. franmcveigh · February 15, 2017

    It’s so much fun to “rediscover” that excitement when you revisit a book through a student’s eyes! There’s no comparison in the world to a student so happily engaged in a book. I wonder if he will write his own version of a Horrible Harry in your classroom???


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