Late-Night TV

imageI trudged wearily to bed, barely remembering to check the doors and turn off all the lights.  After a busy night of Parent-Teacher conferences, I could barely keep my eyes open.  It took no time at all to fall sound asleep.

Some time later, through the fog of surfacing from that deep sleep, I was aware that something very strange was going on.  My little television screen, up on the dresser, was flickering, coming to life for no discernible reason.  As I slowly processed this fact, my alarm grew.  My television turned itself on?  HOW??

My first reaction was to try to turn it off.  I grabbed the remote and punched at buttons in the dark, with no effect.  (Was it possessed??  Make it STOP!!)  Still groggy, I realized I was stabbing at the wrong remote.  But even after grabbing the correct one and examining it closely to find the POWER button–I still couldn’t turn the television off!

As my panic grew, I tried to understand what could possibly be happening that would make my television turn itself on in the middle of the night.  My list of possibilities…

  1.  Ghosts
  2. Robbers
  3. A massive, but yet undetected electrical fire in my basement
  4. Someone standing outside my bedroom window with an identical remote. (I SAID I was still half asleep!!)

I stumbled around the house, turning on lights both inside and outdoors in the yard, trying to figure out what might be happening and if I should seriously panic or not.  Finally I decided to do what one always does in an impossible situation…I sat down and googled it.

The top result told me that most likely the batteries in my remote were low, sending a signal to my television but then not working well enough to then turn it off.

Well, that was a relief!

Even so, this information did not quite tame the spidery feelings of fear that persisted even after unplugging the offending set and lying back down in bed…after all, everything always seems ten times freakier when it happens in the middle of the night.  I thought about things for quite awhile before I decided it was safe to relax again.

However, after the lights were out and I was drifting off to sleep…I still kept one eye on the window blinds for shadowy figures in the yard with renegade television remotes.  Just in case.

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One comment

  1. Peg D · March 1, 2017

    Too funny! Amazing the stories our brains can come up with when we don’t have a notebook around. Great job capturing it. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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