Seasonal Greetings

imageI love decorating my home for holidays and seasons.  I don’t go overboard, but I have sweet little things that give me a lot of cheer when I can have them set around my house.  I don’t do very well at un-decorating, though!


There is a glass snowman in my tall, white lantern.  (Hey…he blends in.  I didn’t notice him!)

My Valentine jigsaw puzzle is still out…and unfinished.

My little autumn clock is still on the table by my phone.

I found a little jack-o’-lantern in the spare room hiding halfway behind a photo frame.  (In my defense, it is cream-colored, not bright orange!)

And today I realized that on my lamp stand near the sofa, there are two little bunnies peeking out from amid the pictures of my nieces and nephews.  That might not sound so bad, for after all–spring is coming.  It’s just that they have been there since last spring.

It’s a good thing that summer is somewhat of a “holiday recovery time” for me, so I can put everything away and get myself organized…at least before it’s time to take things out for the 4th of July!



  1. carolmcbroom · March 13, 2017

    I love this post! To me, it’s what a Slice of Life is all about. I can picture these sweet little mementos popping up all over the house. 🙂


  2. bbutler627 · March 13, 2017

    Cute! I say keep them all up. Celebrate year round!


  3. Stacey Shubitz · March 13, 2017

    Sounds a bit like our home. Speaking of which, I’ve gotta work with my daughter to take down the Valentine’s Day gel clings on her playroom window. I think we’re long past the acceptable time for them to be up there.

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