Goodbye Party

imageWe said goodbye to one of our friends today at school.  One of my boys, Zachary, is moving with his family to Des Moines and won’t be with us any more after spring break.  He is one of those kids who needs some extra TLC at school, so we tried to make today a special day for him.  The kids made and decorated cards that he can take along, and in the meantime he made a little poster to hang up in our room to remember him by.  I brought in ice cream sandwiches so we could have a treat together, and at the last minute I added in a bag of M&M’s.  As the kids were devouring their ice cream, I passed around five M&M’s to each and told them that for each M&M they ate, they should say one thing they like or that they will miss about Zachary.  I heard some great things, like “I will miss laughing at the funny things he says” and “I like how he always finds good books for me to read”.  It was one of those sweet moments that I hope the kids will always remember about their time in second grade.

While passing out the ice cream sandwiches, I let Zachary know that he could bring the extras home with him to share with his brother and sisters.  He was thrilled and we made plans to get them from the freezer after school.  In the meantime, I had also opened the bag of M&Ms and was explaining to the class how we were going to use them.

When I finished giving directions, he approached me nervously.  “Do you think that instead of the ice cream sandwiches, I could take home the rest of the M&M’s?”

“Of course!” I said.  “You can take home both if you like.”

“I didn’t think it was okay to ask for two things,” he said. “I don’t want to be rude.”

What a sweetheart.  We are going to miss him so much.



  1. schmidtkristas · March 18, 2017

    What a lovely boy and a lovely day you provided for him & his classmates. Saying goodbye is always so hard!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. wrmswrites · March 18, 2017

    You definitely made his last day a memorable one. You are a caring teacher.


  3. franmcveigh · March 18, 2017

    Zachary will always remember how he felt in your classroom – important and well-cared for! Great reminder to pay attention to the students in front of us! ❤


  4. Elisa Waingort · March 26, 2017

    Lovely activity with the M & M’s. I have a student leaving before the end of the school year. I will have to remember this way of saying goodbye. And, I liked how he left a memory of himself by making a poster. Great idea!

    Liked by 1 person

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