imageLast night my favorite team played in the second round of the NCAA tournament.  After a long day on the road visiting my brother’s family, my parents and I were all pretty tired when we reached home again.  We unloaded the car, got settled back in the house and went our separate ways.  That is, both parents turned in for the night and I turned on the television to watch the late game.

Within a half hour, I could see the writing on the wall.  My team was being outplayed on every front.  They were working hard, but it seemed that coming back from a 19 point hole was not in the cards.  I lounged on the sofa for a bit, checked email and social media, and figured I would watch the game play out and then head to bed.

I should have known.  My team is sometimes nicknamed “The Cardiac Kids” with good reason.  After halftime, things started turning around.  As they stole possession of the ball and made basket after basket, it seemed that there might be a chance after all.  And within the next twenty minutes I had left my comfortable spot on the sofa and was standing in front of the television in ecstatic agony.  I wanted to cheer, to exclaim, to plead, to…do ANYTHING out loud!

But my parents were asleep right above me.  SHHHHH!!!!

Do you know how hard it is to watch a miracle taking place without making a sound?

The intensity of the game only grew as my team actually took the lead for a few short moments, and then managed to still keep the win within reach.  It was only after the other team made one more basket with 7.7 seconds left that the outcome was decided.  We lost by four points.

By this time I had been pacing in front of the television in super-silent agony for about forty minutes.  The effort of keeping quiet through the last part of the game had me tied in knots, and it took me ten more minutes after the final buzzer just to relax the muscles in my face and get back to some sort of regular heart rhythm.  The only thing that saved me was messaging my friends through Facebook who were going through the same emotional roller coaster as I and sending them SHOUTING messages ALL IN CAPS so I could somehow try to express my excitement.

Although I am disappointed that my team lost, it was an amazing game to watch and I could not be more proud of all the players.  That is what March Madness is all about!

I just know next time I need to watch where I can make some NOISE!!  (Sorry Mom and Dad…)






  1. jehansen13 · March 20, 2017

    I can’t even imagine trying to watch a game silently!


  2. franmcveigh · March 22, 2017

    It’s probably not a big surprise that since I’m a football and wrestling fan – basketball is not my sport. I often am pretty silent
    Technical Fouls – player or coach
    STUPID calls
    HMMMM . . . maybe not so silent after all!

    Liked by 1 person

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