Blurred Vision

imageIt’s happening more and more often.  I just can’t comfortably read without reading glasses anymore.  It’s a little painful to admit, but it is true.  It started with picking up an inexpensive pair and keeping them at my bedside table for those nighttime reading stints.  It soon grew into buying lots of stylish readers to leave in all sorts of places around my house.  I put a pair in my purse.  I put a pair in my “school meeting” bag.  And finally I brought some readers to school.

However, teaching requires me to move at a much faster pace while I keep my students busy.  I keep a couple pairs within easy reach, but it seems like I am always searching with one hand for my glasses while explaining something in the other direction.  I only wear them while looking at print because then the rest of the world is blurry.  So I take them off  and fling them to the side  without really paying attention, which soon becomes a problem a few minutes later when I need them again.

Last week I made one of those frantic grabs during math because I needed to look quickly at the teachers; manual for some directions.  I felt pretty lucky that I found them so easily, but found it harder than usual to see the small print on the side of the page.  It was still really blurry…and oddly everything went a little bit dark as well.

The mystery was solved when my Class Boss (doesn’t every class have a resident Boss?) announced loudly, “Those are your SUNGLASSES Miss Schuitema!”

Red robin





One comment

  1. quotesphotosandwonders · March 22, 2017

    Love that you have a class boss! I am so in the same boat with the readers! I got tired of taking pictures of things with my phone and zooming in on them… I am finding that readers can make quite the fashion statement!
    Loved your surprise and funny ending!


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