That’s The Plan

imageI love to prepare.  I am a champion prepare-er.  I make lists, create piles, pack bags, and plan projects.

This part of my personality especially pops out in all directions in the weeks and days before a school break.  When I get the chance to travel back to my hometown for more than a few days, I go into planning overdrive.  I want to make sure I have projects to work on, books to read, schoolwork to address, and lots of little things I would like to accomplish.

The same was true this year when spring break came around.   I packed my current cross-stitch project.  I put fourteen new library books in a bag in the back of my car.  I planned two big school projects that involved pulling together pages and pages of text before leaving school.  I packed a bag of cassette tapes that I want to transfer to mp3s.  I packed a scrapbooking project.   I packed a bag of piano books for practicing new pieces.  And I brought a 1000 piece puzzle to work on when I had time on my hands.  I filled three bags, a crate, and half of my car with all these things just so I would have a productive and enjoyable break.

At some point I realized that more than half of the week had gone by and I had not taken even one of those things out of the bag (or worse, the car).  And most likely I would not before I have to travel back at the end of that break.  What’s even worse, I’ve usually only managed to read just half of one of my juicy new library books.  I always have  a fabulous time and enjoy my time very much–I just find I don’t have the time or inclination to pull out one of my carefully planned and greatly anticipated projects.

This happens every time.

But every time I pack, I do the same thing again.

Apparently, it’s mostly the planning that makes me happy.



  1. Suzanne · March 23, 2017

    Hahaha! I am exactly the same way! The funny thing is, when I consciously don’t plan, I am just as happy! Have a terrific break.

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  2. bjdonaldson · March 23, 2017

    This is a fun slice. I do this all the time, but maybe not with so many “things to do” as you do. Overpacking the clothes ensures my suitcase weighs a ton, but I only ever wear just a few. Why do I do this??? I enjoyed reading your slice; your voice is really strong.

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