Say What?

imageI was shopping with my mom today, and we were having fun looking in a gift shop at little bunnies and spring treats.  I was a little scattered and we were in a hurry, so after paying for the greeting cards I needed (and using a coupon for a discount), I turned around and noticed a shelf I really should have looked at earlier.  I needed a gift for a sweet little niece, and I saw just the perfect thing.  It was just beautiful, and I knew it was what I wanted to give.  Although it meant starting another transaction at the cash register, I thought it was worth it.  My mom dug through her purse to give me another coupon and I ended up getting the gift for a great price.

Then it was her turn to check out, so naturally I walked over toward the door…where I noticed two sweet little bunnies.  So sweet.  So affordable.  So perfectly perfect…okay, I scooped them up and walked back to the cash register.  As I sheepishly put the bunnies up on the counter, my mom started fishing for yet another coupon.  She was delighted when she found one that would reduce the price for me yet again.  As she handed to me, making comments about how nice it was to save money, she realized that by doing three transactions I had been able to use three of her coupons and she told me I was smart…but not really intentionally smart.  Okay,…not intentionally smart.  Wait, what?

Now I didn’t intend to take advantage by my impulsive shopping routine today.  The sales clerk was laughing along with my mom and I as I kept coming back with more things to buy, and we asked each time if it was permissible to use yet another coupon. It was all fun and giggles…except that “not intentionally smart” moment.  I totally deserved to fall into that category today, but I hope someday I can be considered just plain “smart”, intentionally and otherwise!


One comment

  1. onathought · March 24

    I love when I’m accidentally smart! 🙂 So glad you wrote this slice of a story – it is fun to read!


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