imageI had been hearing some conversations about “the big game” for awhile in my class.  It seemed to be an ongoing topic that all the kids were buzzing about.  The mystery was solved when one of the boys asked if I had recess duty on this afternoon.  When I said yes, he said he was super-excited because now I could come to the game, and he handed me a paper ticket.

What were they up to?

It turns out that they were putting together a soccer game.  It sounded like pretty normal recess play to me until I overheard two of the boys discussing who was going to be the Commentator.  Ummm…what??

And so it went…when I walked over to the soccer field at recess, my whole class was involved in the Class Soccer Match.  There were goalies and players on the field and cheerleaders by the sidelines.  There were spectators, the Commentator (of course), and one boy who paced the field with a clipboard.  Everyone knew their job and they managed to pull off a spectacular match…I think.  I’m not sure how many of them actually know all the rules of soccer.  At least two of them are pretty fuzzy on the “no hands” rule.  But it was a wonderful thing to watch them all working together, including all their classmates in whatever role they wanted to play.  They lined up at the door at the end of recess, all smiles at the success of the Big Soccer Game.  I know they had just as much fun planning it together as they did pulling it off, and I can’t wait to see what they tackle next.  I still have my ticket, so I’ll be sure to get invited!

Oh…and the boy with the clipboard was the referee.  I have no clue what he was writing down, but it surely seemed important!





  1. Sandy Hamilton · April 12

    Oh to be the guest of Hi esteem❣ The fact that they could get it all together and have you there too yet ~ BONUS! 💖


  2. franmcveigh · April 12

    I love having a “commentator” and I think the referee with the clipboard might have the right idea – take notes in order to remember (no instant replay right?)! ❤


  3. Alice Nine · April 13

    Who said recess wasn’t an important part of the learning each day! I love that tickets were given out.


  4. mukhamani · April 13

    A wonderful experience 🙂


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