Best Foot Forward

imageAs my family celebrated Easter last weekend, it brought back one of our favorite family stories…

It is hard not to be late for church when you have a house full of family and only one shower.  It is even harder not to be late when you also hold an Easter Egg hunt in the morning, have a special breakfast to enjoy, and then have small chocolatey children to wrangle into good clothes.  Our plan of attack is usually to send a small delegation of put-together adults down the street to church early to save seats for the rest of the family to slide into at the last minute.  It was during this flurry of activity that there was a sound of alarm from the upstairs floor.

My brother had just realized he left his dress shoes at home, two hours away.

As the chaos continued and children were buckled into car seats, we considered the options.  Since it was about 15 minutes before the service was due to start, we didn’t have any ideas.  None of the other men in the house had extra shoes that would fit.  We had to think outside the box for a solution.  In a last-ditch effort, we called my uncle and crossed our fingers that he hadn’t left for church yet.  That wish was granted, but…

The only shoes he could come up with so quickly were faded brown moccasins.  He showed up in the driveway moments later and tossed them to my brother through the car window.

Ten minutes later, the last of us arrived at church.  The sanctuary was packed and the service was starting.  To my poor brother’s embarrassment, he then led the procession of family members all the way down the long aisle to the only seats left, in the very front pew.  Although he did his best to walk with dignity and pretend his feet were invisible, my sister, sister-in-law, and I shook with laughter all the way through the service.  It was an Easter to remember, and we bring up that story almost every year.  At least one person finds a way to ask my brother if he remembered to pack his shoes!

This year, I was the only one to go home for Easter.  Just before locking my door and leaving for the long trip, I made one final check of the house to make sure I had all my bags.  And there, on the floor of my bedroom…were my church shoes.

I was so close to joining my brother in the Easter Family Shoe Debacle!  (I may have had to borrow and wear the brown moccasins just for tradition’s sake…)

Thank goodness I didn’t have to…



  1. Jen Driggers · April 19, 2017

    I was giggling while reading picturing the shoes! Something similar happened to my brother once when we were going to a wedding that was over an hour from home. The dry-cleaners left his pants off the hanger and he only had a shirt, jacket, and shoes. Somehow my dad had a spare pair of pants, many many sizes too big. Thank goodness for belts! Thanks for sharing and making me think about my brother’s funny pant-less evening 🙂


  2. mgminer · April 19, 2017

    Wonderful story, wonderfully told! I had a big smile at the vision of trying to stay composed while walking to the front pew.


  3. Oluwamodupeola Jayeola · April 19, 2017

    Awwn.. brothers tho… Extra care needed..😀

    Liked by 1 person

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