Lights Out!

imageIt was a dreary, lazy Sunday afternoon, rain dripping outside while I sat curled up in my chair with a good book.  There wasn’t anything I needed to do and there wasn’t anything else I wanted to do.  I had no thought other than enjoying my book and the slowness of the day.

Then the electricity flickered…flickered…went out.

No problem.  It happens.  It will be back on in a minute.

It’s not back on.  Well, I’ll just read a little bit longer and then see about calling it in.  It’s probably just a fluke.

Still off.  Doggone it, I’m going to have to reset all my clocks.  That is so annoying.  Especially when the power is out for such a short time.

Ok, it is not such a short time.  What if it doesn’t come back on…for awhile?

Uh oh.

I can’t fix dinner.  I can’t turn on any lights.  I can’t turn the furnace on when it gets even colder in here.  I don’t want to open the fridge.  I don’t want to open the freezer.

Oh no–the freezer!  All my meat is going to thaw and go bad, and there’s going to be a horrible stinky mess, and that’s expensive, and I hate thinking about everything that is in the freezer that will surely be lost…

I can’t set my alarm for the morning!  I can’t dry or fix my hair tomorrow before school!  I can’t…


–The power flickers…flickers…and stays on.  It has been about 25 minutes.—

Ok, well.  I’m just going to read my book then.  I’ll deal with the clocks later.




  1. franmcveigh · May 3, 2017

    Love all the thoughts you had! Continuing to read sounds like a WONDERFUL plan! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So funny! Isn’t it amazing how quickly our minds conjure up the worst case scenario?!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. VanessaVaile · May 4, 2017

    Reading just now — read along saying to myself oh I hope her power isn’t still off (wanting to remind her that an unopened freezer will hold longer than you might expect — know this from years Louisiana hurricanes). By the end (and after belated suspense), I was relieved to read the good news.


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