No Cutting!

imageI knew I didn’t have time to check, but I did it anyway.  I peeked down Aisle 6 in the hopes that my mom was lingering in the baking section just in time to see her cart disappear around the corner.

Rats!  She was headed with determination straight for the checkout, and she had my items in her cart as well as hers.  I had told her I only needed to pick up a loaf of bread before meeting her at the front of the store, but then I remembered one more thing I wanted.  In the dairy aisle.  On the other side of the store.

I weighed my options for a second…and made a run for it!  I dashed across the back of the store, grabbed the milk I wanted, and scooted towards the checkout lanes in the front.  I scanned all the aisles…where was she?

In the EXPRESS!  She was looking around wildly for me as the cashier rang her up and then sighed in relief when I ran up.  She motioned for me to join her at the register to check out my things, but there were two ladies in line between us.

I hopped forward, grabbed my items, and stood behind the ladies.  Seeing the look on my face (and noticing I was still panting from my sprint to the dairy aisle), they both told me I could go ahead of them and join my mother, who was just getting her receipt.

Well, that felt rude so I told them with a smile that I was fine with waiting.  They motioned me forward again.  They assured me it was all right.

Finally, I told them I was a teacher and it was physically impossible for me to cut in line after twenty years of dealing with “HE CUT!” And “SHE CUT!” every time we lined up to go anywhere.  My “no cutting in line” speeches are legendary after all these years.   I just couldn’t do it, even with permission!  I couldn’t go back to school and face my students knowing I, myself, had turned into A CUTTER!

As soon as I said I was a teacher and couldn’t cut in line, the ladies chuckled and put their groceries on the counter.  The more they thought about it, the more they laughed.  So I may have made my mother wait for me a few extra minutes, but at least my “No Cutting” integrity is intact.




  1. Natasha · March 14, 2018

    This made me laugh. In my classroom, I tell students that they’re only allowed to cut if they ask everyone behind the person they’re cutting if it’s okay. If everyone affected by the cut is okay with it, it’s okay with me. You could have cut by my rules! I want to show my students your post as an example of integrity. 🙂

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  2. confessionsofarealteacher · March 14, 2018

    When my kids try to tattle for someone cutting them I ask them if it’s a big deal. They always say no and move on with their life haha. I love your integrity though!

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  3. · March 14, 2018

    Too funny Kathy❣️. You went to the end of the line too ~ good girl🌷


  4. wahooteacher · March 14, 2018

    Your slice made me giggle! I know exactly how you feel about cutting in line!


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