Passenger Problems

imageIt was finally time to return from Spring Break.  As usually happens, my car was pretty tightly packed and loaded down completely.  In fact, this time I had to put one of my bags on the front passenger seat.  Usually I like to keep that seat clear, but there was no way around it.  My brown bag wasn’t going to fit anywhere else.

It was already packed full enough, but as I went through the house for the final time I found all kinds of odds and ends that needed to be stuffed into that brown bag.  It was overflowing by the time I hoisted it up to the seat.

I buckled up, put the car in reverse, and headed down the driveway bound for home.  It was a beautiful day for driving, so I put on a podcast, cracked the window just a little bit, and adjusted the sun visor.  But in a moment, the car started dinging.  What was wrong?  I checked all the dashboard icons and looked around, trying to think what wasn’t working correctly.  The dinging became more and more insistent–what could it be?  Should I pull over?

Then I noticed the little red icon flashing in time with the dinging.  My passenger apparently needed to fasten his seatbelt.  I explained to the car that it was a bag, not a person.  The car stubbornly refused to recognize the difference and dinged faster.  I contemplated driving three hours with a angry, dinging car.

I pulled over.  I fastened the seatbelt around the bag.  The car was satisfied, and I settled in to drive in peace.


  1. J Koval · March 19, 2018

    Ha, too funny!!! Those darn cars can be awfully stubborn, can’t they? 🙂 ~JudyK


  2. notthewholestory · March 19, 2018

    This made me giggle! Thank you. We’re almost to the point when our cars will be able to tell the difference between a passenger and a paper bag! I was worried you were going to listen to that ding for 3 hours! 🙂


  3. · March 19, 2018

    It’s not funny when the machines thinkthe’re smarter than us!🤦🏼‍♀️. Thanks for calling me Sat. ~ it was fun & of course the company was GREAT❣️


  4. franmcveigh · March 21, 2018

    Yep, when hauling things I often just hook the seatbelt and then start filling up the seat to prevent that ANNOYING and so aggravating Dinging! LOL!


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