Ducks Amuck

imageimageYesterday was the day to be organized.  My school routine was different, with a full day of professional development at the high school.  In addition, I had a meeting after that which could last for an hour or two.  I planned carefully, because I like to have all my ducks in a row and have everything I need with me.

I packed my bag–water bottle, cough drops, Kleenex (yes…I have the sniffles), lunch money, reading glasses, pens and pencils, notebook,…you name it.  I had it all and my day ran like clockwork.

Today was just an ordinary day.  I went back to my regular routine, back in my own classroom with all my familiar items within reach.  However, in the first ten minutes of entering school I realized I would be better off if I had just been able to go back home, crawl in bed, and reboot the day.

I forgot part of my lunch.  I left a book I needed on my kitchen table.  I didn’t have the money I wanted to bring along in order to stop by the store on my way home after school.  And…my favorite jump drive (on its bright red lanyard) with all my school documents including my lesson plans and my study book club assignment was not in my bag.

It feels ridiculous that I can over prepare for an out-of-routine day and then completely fall apart on a normal day.  I may have to tape a “Do Not Leave Without These Things” note on my back door.   My ducks may have marched neatly in a row yesterday, but today they ran amuck!





  1. vendija723 · March 8, 2017

    Love the ducky illustrations! I too showed up at work without my lunch today. I think sometimes when I do really well, I’m more inclined to fall apart afterwards.


  2. jodimahoney · March 8, 2017

    Loved this slice. Your illustrations are priceless too! What a great reflection on preparing for the non-routine parts of our lives and what happens when we take our routines for granted!


  3. Morgan · March 8, 2017

    Love the rhyme of ducks amuck. And the play on ducks in a row. It hits home the contrast of your two days, both in and out of your routine.


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