Too Many -ations…

imageSo much FRUSTRATION.  The internet is loading with excruciating slowness today.  I haven’t really had this trouble at my house, so I don’t have many tricks to try.  I have less than a half hour to share my slice for today, and it’s not going well.

Which leads to CONSTERNATION because the few tricks I do know didn’t work.

And there is a little bit of FASCINATION that one problem can cause so many angry and helpless feelings.

I am looking at CAUSATION and not finding any.  And I can’t google it, because it would take too long.

And at the bottom of it all is the fact that I did this to myself with my blog post for today with all my PROCRASTINATION.

So I’m going to press “Publish” on this before I die of SUFFOCATION.




  1. Kate Schwarz · March 28

    This made me chuckle–glad you made it, and hopefully you won’t have a consternation-filled day tomorrow!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. teachworkoutlove · March 28

    Lol i have lots of these feelings hha


  3. kindergardencanvas · March 28

    Oh this Slice is priceless! I love how you played with -ations. Very clever!


  4. franmcveigh · March 29

    Love the -action words. And, yes, just wrote about procrastination as well . . .


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