Don’t Wanna Pick That Up

imageIt happens every day.  I’m walking around the classroom, focused on explaining something or listening to the kids, and I see it.  A used Kleenex.  Bleccchhh.

Of course, no one claims it.  A chorus of “that’s not mine” and “not me” is as predictable as can be if I even ask the question.  And I never see anyone drop one on the floor.  More likely they’ve tossed it in the general direction of the garbage can or it’s fallen from the top of their desk.  But really–can’t we get this problem solved?

We’ve had class meetings.  We’ve had interrogations.  We’ve had pleading.  We’ve had tears.  (I may possibly be exaggerating all of that…but really.  It’s gross.)  I usually get a clean tissue, pick up the dirty one and throw it away myself.

But no more!  I am rescued from the unpleasant task of reaching down towards a wet, snotty Kleenex!  I have been gifted with a long-handled, squeezy grabber!  It has a pincher that will pick up something light and then release it into the trash can.  It’s perfect!  I can’t wait to use it!

But so far, there hasn’t been even one disgusting tissue left on the floor for the teacher to find.  I don’t really believe that they’ve had a sudden realization that they should make better use of the garbage can.  I’ll just give it a little more time…



  1. mrsday75 · March 20, 2018

    This gave me a chuckle as I’ m subbing with 7th graders. I don’t care what age students are, they are never going to pick up that nasty kleenex–or worse for me–gum. I think that’s where teachers get their superpower of staying healthy (most of the time). It’s from picking up the gross stuff


  2. thelifeofamomteacherandwife · March 20, 2018

    Perfect solution! I too am so grossed out by this and no one ever knows how it got there. They just float up out of the garbage can. I am sure you will have a Kleenex soon enough to pick up.


  3. · March 20, 2018

    Nothing more gross! That & spitting ~ I can’t handle a kid who SPITS! 🤯Glad you got a good solution ~ could’ve used it back in my library days❣️🤭


  4. Wondering and Wandering · March 20, 2018

    Laughing hilariously as I clean up my K classroom at the end of the day. Abandoned Kleenex and used Band-Aids make me want to GAG!


  5. theapplesinmyorchard · March 20, 2018

    This is a funny but very relevant post. No one wants to touch someone else’s Kleenex. Today, I was at Union at our local University and there was a dirty napkin on the floor. It wasn’t mine, but I picked it up anyway and through it out. I think I need one of your grabby-things!


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