One More Thing…

She is so, so overtired.  Yet it is so hard to let go of the day.  There must be a way to prolong it.  The plan is to set up beds for both kids in the basement and turn on the DVD “Sing” so they can wind down and fall asleep.  Her plan is to delay that plan as long as possible.

“Can I have a drink?”

“I wish I had one of Grandma’s fluffy blankets.”

(Yawn) “Where is my stuffed turtle?”

“It’s too dark.”

“It’s not dark enough.”

“I can’t hear it.  Can you turn it louder?”

“Is my sister going to come down and kiss me good-night?  I want to stay up until she comes.”

And then, as the opening notes of the movie fill the room, my favorite…a last ditch effort to convince the adults that there is still a little “play” left in the day.

“But mama…I might have to dance!”

It must have been a really good day to hang on to it so tightly.


One comment

  1. Joy Berg · March 26, 2017

    I really like how you ended this post. My kids are often the same way, refusing to settle down. Actually the oldest is doing that right now.
    We just watched sing yesterday!


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